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Educational exercises, games & activities

As the title reveals, we use techniques based mainly on board-games, which focuses on passing information. This information can be related to clear knowledge on a subject or knowledge of feelings, emotions and attitudes (from yourself and others). Our experience shows that youngsters and adults retain and have a better understanding of information gained through this type of activity which in turn aids analysis. The main advantage of our educational exercises is that however the feelings and actions are authentic and real, everything happens in simulated reality and have therefore only personal consequences (according to the facilitation process in the debriefing and the individuals capacity to learn).

In Produções Fixe, we develop our own educational exercises and activities, some in partnership. Below a few examples:


Plan B explores in a sophisticated way concepts as democracy, participation, corruption, inter-help and communication. During the –ideally- 1 day workshop, groups between 14 and 30 participants find themselves faced with the challenge to re-build our society, using a big map, play money and construction objects. It is possible to have several groups playing Plan B simultaneous, linking the different exercises into a network with additional features as ‘Money Exchange Offices’ and ‘Stock market’.


7 Days is an exciting and speedy simulation roleplay exercise for groups between 20 up to 100 participants. The exercise explores mechanisms of social exclusion through role playing an imaginative 4 days in a lifetime. Each player receives a specific role, with own history and individualised affective and economic links to the other players. Minimum duration of “7 Days” is 4 hours (including a limited debriefing).


Mission Z is a simulated reality exercise for groups between 12 and 30 participants, exploring the origin of conflict and wars. Is played on a big map with a minimum duration of 4 hours (including ‘short’ debriefing). Participants are confronted with a ‘secret mission’ where they need to occupy parts of the total territory. Confusion, miscommunication and perception lead to conflict and war.


The Real Ideal deals with financial literacy, inviting up to 6 different players/teams to test themselves in a playful way on their knowledge of financial literacy. Originally designed for children and young people. It confronts our ‘ideal dreams’ with a brutal reality.


Experience C: The Continent is a full day workshop where decision making is gamified for young people. Developed together with the city hall Cascais in the frame of ‘participative budget’. A teaser version ‘Experience C: The island’ is currently being spread in different countries who use ‘participative budget’.


In progress:

“E.T.”: an educational multi-dimensional educational boardgame focusing on increasing employability with young people and adults.

“Plan OP”: an educational simulation exercise to explore current practices and theories concerning ‘participative budget’.



For any event (annual meeting of the employees, international gathering of partners, meeting with different stakeholders, etc), Produções Fixe has a solid experience in organising tailored ‘group dynamic animation’ inside and around your event. Fully adapted to the needs and set objectives.


E.g.: “The Stockmarket” is a gamified activity, adaptable in style, theme and content.