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Most trainings have very specific objectives and aim a particular target group. Produções Fixe tailors the training according to your set criteria, also in time perspective (from short workshops to long term training courses). We deliver training in Portugal and abroad, this in different languages (English, Portuguese, French and Dutch).

Produções Fixe is involved in the delivery of several training modules organised by different European organisations and institutions, as member of the pedagogical team. Some examples below:

The Power of Non Formal Education (NFE): a 5 days residential training course focusing on NFE as such. How to use educational methods, how to run effective and efficient exercises and debriefings. Since 2009 this training course has taken place more than 25 times, all over Europe, for different educational sectors, in different languages and tailored to different regions. Contact us for more information.


The BiTriMulti Training Course (BTM) supports newcomers in developing youth exchanges within the context of Erasmus+: Youth in Action, Keyaction 1. The course is based on a simulated learning experience addressing the main steps necessary in setting up a Youth Exchange. Thematic workshops explore various issues such as young people's learning and best practice and quality in youth exchange projects. Information sessions provide knowledge on the Youth in Action Programme and its philosophy. Group and individual activities are used to improve group dynamics and to reflect on individual learning.



EYE OPENER is a relatively new training course for newcomers in developing youth exchanges with very specific attention to the effective participation of young people in the whole process. This training course is open to youth workers who come accompanied by one or two young people in order to ‘learn together’. Based upon a simulation exercise interspersed with thematic workshops adapted to both target groups, different qualitative aspects within Keyaction 1 are explored. Coaching techniques for youth workers and participative methods for young people are core elements. Contact us for more information.


Advanced Training on Quality in Youth Exchanges (ATOQ) targets youth leaders and youth workers with at least one youth exchange experience within the context of Erasmus+: Youth in Action, Keyaction 1. Participants evaluate their experience of past project(s) and improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes in the various quality aspects of an exchange. Through workshops, theoretical inputs and interactive methodologies, participants increase their understanding of non-formal learning, intercultural learning, the active involvement of young people and promoters, European dimension and project management. Contact us for more information.


The TicTac Training Course focuses on youth leaders and youth workers who wish to implement Keyaction 1: Mobility of Youth Workers of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme. The training course is based upon a simulation exercise alternated with workshops and sessions on qualitative elements.

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For any event (annual meeting of the employees, international gathering of partners, meeting with different stakeholders, etc), Produções Fixe has a solid experience in organising tailored ‘group dynamic animation’ inside and around your event. Fully adapted to the needs and set objectives.


E.g.: “The Stockmarket” is a gamified activity, adaptable in style, theme and content.