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The headquarters of Produções Fixe is located in Vila da Marmeleira. A village within the county of Rio Maior – District of Santarém.

15 km from the centre of Rio Maior, 19 km from Santarém, 15 km from Cartaxo and 75 km from Lisbon.

GPS coordinates: ??

 Produções Fixe Unipessoal Lda.

Rua António Lopes Valente nº 12

Vila da Marmeleira



 Ana Rita Camará                                                                              Jo Claeys

Telemóvel:  (+351) 91 947 6127                                                      Telemóvel: (+351) 91 780 2887                                            






For any event (annual meeting of the employees, international gathering of partners, meeting with different stakeholders, etc), Produções Fixe has a solid experience in organising tailored ‘group dynamic animation’ inside and around your event. Fully adapted to the needs and set objectives.


E.g.: “The Stockmarket” is a gamified activity, adaptable in style, theme and content.